First vice president, other synod position members elected

Election results for various synodical positions—including first vice president and recording secretary—were announced Tuesday morning. Elections were conducted electronically prior to the convention, making it easier for virtual delegates to participate.

Delegates reelected Rev. James Huebner to his fourth term as the synod’s first vice president.

“It is a privilege to be able to continue serving as WELS’ first vice president, a very humbling privilege at that,” says Huebner, pastor at Grace, Milwaukee, Wis. “I’m grateful for the opportunity to serve our Savior and our synod as we stand together on the Holy Scriptures and go forward together in our mission to proclaim Jesus’ forgiving love to all.”

They also reelected Rev. Robert Pasbrig as recording secretary. He has served in this role since 2005.

Various other synodical positions—14 in all—also needed to be filled. These positions ranged from chairman of the Board for Home Missions (BHM) to members (pastor, teacher/staff minister, and layman) of the Board for Ministerial Education (BME) to at-large representatives on the Synodical Council.

Members of synodical boards and commissions provide valuable input to administrators as they make important ministry decisions. “When the leaders of our boards are people active in parish and school ministry, it keeps the whole ministerial education program up-to-date in addressing the needs of the church body,” says Rev. Paul Prange, BME administrator.

Rev. Keith Free, BHM administrator, stresses the importance of the partnership between the board chairman and the Missions staff, which includes weekly phone calls and multiple meetings throughout the year. “The BHM chairman role is not a figurehead role,” says Free. “There is real time and input these men offer in support of Home Missions. We are grateful to their spouse and the church they serve for allowing these men to have the time to serve in this ministry role.” Rev. Mark Gabb, pastor at St. Paul, Beverly Hills, Fla., was elected as chairman for the Board for Home Missions.

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