Without a church home

I am currently without a church home. The last WELS church I attended left a foul taste in my mouth from the way the pastor treated my children's learning. Now all the churches in close proximity to me are not WELS; most are non denominational or ELCA. Is it better to be without a church or better to go to one that doesn't believe as I do? Also where in the Bible does it say I will go to hell if I do not attend church?

There is much I do not know about your situation, so I will not limit myself to the options you listed. I am unaware of the distance between you and the nearest WELS church. I have known people who regularly drove many miles to attend worship services in our congregations. I also wonder if you could be living in an area where there are other WELS members who could be served by one of our pastors. Individuals in your situation have been served in a variety of ways including worship via livestreaming, supplemented by periodic Holy Communion services. It would be good for you to contact the church where you and your family last had membership to know where the closest WELS church might be.

I hope you are able to make such contact and that there is no bitterness (Ephesians 4:31) from your most recent experience with one of our churches.

It is unbelief that condemns (Mark 16:16). Despising preaching and God’s word (the third commandment) is sinful. I catch in your words a desire to worship and hear the word of God. I pray that you are able to connect to the spiritual resources you and your family need. God bless you all.