I understand that we are in fellowship with the ELS, but are there any doctrinal differences between the WELS and ELS at all?

The fact that WELS is in fellowship with ELS means that there is doctrinal agreement between the two synods.

What you will find with the two synods is differences in practice—particularly in the corporate worship life of the synods’ congregations. There can be more chanting of the liturgy by ELS pastors. In addition, the hymnal of the ELS provides for congregational singing of the Lord’s Prayer and the kneeling of the pastor on a prayer bench. Any other differences might be explained by the historical development of both synods. The historical background of WELS is Germanic, while that of ELS is Norwegian.

As is the case with other churches in the Confessional Evangelical Lutheran Conference, we treasure our fellowship with the Evangelical Lutheran Synod.