Teaching at a university

I am a woman who has been pursuing a degree in mathematics at university with the intention of teaching it at a post-secondary level. It is most likely that I would end up teaching at a co-ed college or university. If I understand the Bible correctly, it is wrong for a woman to instruct adult males in regard to religious matters. Does this apply to secular subjects? Specifically, is it permissible for a Christian woman to instruct adults solely with regard to the subject of mathematics?

I can respond to your questions from the perspective of serving on the faculty of Martin Luther College, the WELS college of ministry. An application of the biblical roles of men and women at this college is that “the teaching of courses in which God’s Word is primary and paramount or in which it is used to judge and/or evaluate the matters being taught is reserved for male professors.” There is the understanding that mathematics is a discipline in which men and women can serve as professors at this college. You can use this information to apply it to your own situation—teaching in a secular setting.