Participating in worship

For those of us who are not tech savvy, how are we supposed to participate in worship? Many older people do not know how to access live streaming.

This is a question that you really want to address to your pastor, and your pastor needs to be aware of a question like this.

In these extraordinary days, congregations are working to develop ways of ministering to their members apart from corporate worship services and face-to-face Bible classes. While there are many resources available, some of them—as you indicated—may involve technology that is challenging for some people. That is why you want to make your pastor aware of your situation, so that other resources can be developed and offered.

While it is not a substitute for worshiping with fellow Christians, this resource can provide ideas for supplementing your devotional life. This resource has additional suggestions.

“I rejoiced with those who said to me, ‘Let us go to the house of the Lord’” (Psalm 122:1). This temporary absence from the Lord’s house helps us realize what a blessing we have long enjoyed in being able to assemble in his house for worship. God speed the day when we can meet each other there again!