Equipped to witness to Muslims

I apologize if this question has been asked once before. I have a co-worker who is a devout Muslim and attends his Mosque regularly to pray. Sometimes we get into religious discussions, but the language barrier is very thick. He says that Allah is the same as the God of Moses and Abraham and that Jesus and Muhammad are the same, but I don't believe this. My question is, how do I go about sharing the message of Jesus Christ with him? I don't know enough about the Islamic faith to point out the differences to him. Thank you!

You certainly have the right idea. As you think of witnessing to people about Jesus Christ, you want to know something about their faith so that you can ask pertinent questions and be aware of topics you might be addressing with them.

Because your question requires a response that would be lengthier than appropriate for this question and answer forum, probably the best help I can provide is directing you to a very useful book by the title of Speaking the Truth in Love to Muslims. There may be a copy in your church library. If not, the book and a Bible study with DVD are available from Northwestern Publishing House.

Among other things, the book will clearly explain that Allah is not the same as the God of Moses and Abraham, nor is there any similarity between Jesus and Muhammad. Chapter ten of the book should be especially helpful for you. It is titled: “Witnessing to Muslims.”

God bless your witnessing efforts!