Duties of staff ministers

I am wondering what the duties are for a staff minister. Also, can that position be held by a woman? Thanking you!

Through the staff ministry program at Martin Luther College, individuals can receive training in the areas of outreach and assimilation, leadership, member care, parish education, administration, youth and family ministry, and parish music.

Current position titles include the following: Minister of Music and Education, Minister of Family and Youth, Minister of Discipleship, Director of Christian Education, Family Minister, Director of Discipleship, Program Director, Minister of Music, Minister of Evangelism, Church Administrator, Minister of Administration, Deaconess, and Parish Nurse.

Calling bodies define the scope of ministry for staff ministers. Women do serve as staff ministers. Calling bodies outline their responsibilities in keeping with the scriptural roles of men and women.

This link will provide you with additional information on the program.