Concern for granddaughter

We have a granddaughter who will be performing in the musical "Head Over Heels." We did not know anything about this production so I found things about it on Facebook. I was upset at what I read. It is full of transgender, lesbian, etc. issues being presented as being very acceptable. It seems to be a very inappropriate production for anyone to see much less young teens (she is a 9th grader). I don't know how to react to my granddaughter/or my son. They live in a different state and therefore we see them only once/year. We do have phone conversations on a regular basis though with our son. Recently it has become evident that the family is not placing Christian values as important in their lives. I am afraid that her being involved in this activity will just take her farther from the values our son/her dad was taught. How do we respond/react?

For starters, considering the age of your granddaughter, one has to wonder if there is any revision of the content of the musical. This could be something you talk to your granddaughter about. You could explain your familiarity with the musical and ask whether or not some of the objectionable themes are in the production with which she is involved.

If objectionable and inappropriate themes are present in her production, you can ask your granddaughter what she knows and thinks about her role in the musical. You can ask her what she knows and thinks about the themes of the musical that concern you. You can ask her how all of this lines up with the faith she has been taught.

I do not pretend that these conversations will be easy, but the difficult conversations are the ones we need to make. A similar, difficult conversation can take place with your son.

Beyond these suggestions, regular contacts—including emails and texts—with your granddaughter that encourage her in the Christian faith and Christian life are important. You can supply what Christian encouragement she might not be receiving from her parents.

Finally, but very importantly, continue to pray for your granddaughter and her family. Scripture assures us that prayer is “powerful and effective” (James 5:16). Pray that your granddaughter and her family remain strong in the faith and let the light of their faith shine brightly (Matthew 5:16).