Ceremony location

My fiance and I are due to be married next year and while we were planning we realized we were going to have too many guests for his home church. I am not WELS but I have no objection to being WELS. My home church is the First Congregational Church of Christ and is very big and would fit all of our guests and is in a location that all of our family could get to. My soon to be husband wants his WELS pastor to officiate so I was wondering if he would marry us in a different church. This has nothing to do with switching religions, just a place for our ceremony.

You will want to ask your fiance’s pastor that question.  Officiating at a wedding in a rented facility, even another church, does not in and of itself violate scriptural fellowship principles.  Including officiants and/or worship leaders from that church would violate scriptural fellowship principles (Romans 16:17).  Do talk with your fiance’s pastor.  He will also be glad to explain to you the doctrinal differences between your church and your fiance’s church.