Adam and Eve

What does it mean exactly that Eve is the mother of all the living? Does it mean that she’s the mother of all the believers in Christ who will live forever because they did not die in their sins but died in Christ, meaning they are all part of the living souls in Christ and Eve is the mother of them? Considering that Eve was the first to sin, I assume she turned from her sins and turned in faith at some point and was saved and ended up going to live forever in heaven.

As the first person to give birth to another human being and have countless offspring, “the mother of all the living” (Genesis 3:20) is certainly a description that fits Eve. But does that description go beyond physical ancestry and describe Eve’s connection with people regarding their spiritual lives? Many theologians and Bible commentators advance that thought.

Here is one example: “In faith the man fixed his attention on the one comforting detail in the entire announcement of the LORD. More was expressed by the man than the mere idea that God was indeed speaking the truth when he had indicated in the protevangelium [the first Gospel promise] that Eve would have offspring, and that for this reason she would become the mother of all the living. That in itself was a truth which was quite evident and one which would be readily believed. It would hardly be significant enough to be brought to our attention in such a solemn manner. Rather we see the conviction expressed here by Adam that since all living human beings would come forth from Eve, therefore also life in the fullest sense. Scripture often simply equates life with salvation.

“The significant way in which Adam’s naming is reported leads us to believe that he referred to the things implied in the promised victory over Satan, life in the midst of death. It is worth noting that this statement of Adam follows closely upon the announcement of physical death.”

Eve’s words in Genesis 4:1 and 4:25 are statements of faith in the God who promised a Savior. Such faith brings a person’s soul into the presence of God in heaven when earthly life comes to an end.