Evangelism courses at MLC

This fall, the WELS Commission on Evangelism is beginning a new certification program on evangelism, using courses offered through Martin Luther College’s online continuing education program. Building on the popular Schools of Outreach, these courses are designed to help laypeople and called workers lead their congregations with planning and implementing efforts to reach more people with the gospel.

“I really want to help, encourage, pray for, and learn alongside of believers,” says Rev. Donn Dobberstein, chairman of the Commission on Evangelism. “Some may be looking to personally grow in evangelism on behalf of their congregation. Others may be facing challenges or feeling a little overwhelmed or discouraged in their ministry setting.”

Each course provides the biblical foundation for evangelism and ministry resources needed for training and encouraging leaders.

“As WELS members we know sharing Jesus is important; we want to train the leaders in our congregations to be better at it,” says Rev. Michael Hintz, director of the Commission on Evangelism.

The first class, The Mission of the Church, taught by Rev. Donn Dobberstein, begins Sep. 7. The second class, Practical Evangelism for Congregations, taught by Rev. Michael Hintz, will begin Nov. 10. A third course on Friendship Evangelism will be offered early in 2015 and will be taught by Rev. John Huebner.

“These courses will place them in a learning environment providing mutual support, assistance, and friendship – God-willing, long after the short courses are over,” says Dobberstein.

To learn more and register for the classes: http://connect.wels.net/evangelism.