WELS Benefit Plans

The WELS Benefit Plans Office (BPO) serves WELS and Evangelical Lutheran Synod workers and organizations through administration of the WELS Voluntary Employees’ Beneficiary Association (VEBA) Health Plan, the WELS Pension Plan, and the WELS Shepherd Plan.

The WELS VEBA Health Plan provides benefits for church and school workers and their family members in accordance with God’s Word while remaining compliant with applicable law. The VEBA Plan provides comprehensive, nationwide coverage. More than 80 percent of WELS workers and calling bodies participate in WELS VEBA.

The WELS Shepherd Plan is the retirement savings plan for synod workers. WELS called workers earn retirement benefits through defined contributions made to their Shepherd Plan accounts. In addition, workers can save and invest a portion of their earnings and calling bodies can make employer contributions to provide income to workers during their retirement years.

The WELS Pension Plan provides WELS called workers with a valuable source of guaranteed income during
retirement. The Pension Plan was frozen on Dec. 31, 2021. All Pension benefits earned through the freeze date will be paid to participants but no new Pension benefits can be earned for service performed after the freeze date.

Coverage and benefits provided through WELS Benefit Plans are uniform throughout all 50 states. This supports WELS ministry and the call process by providing access to high-quality, affordable benefits for workers and calling bodies regardless of geographic location. Visit welsbpo.net for more information.