Through My Bible Yr 02 – November 25

Song of Songs 5:2 – 6:3

Through My Bible – November 25

Song of Songs 5:2 – 6:3 (EHV)

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Song of Songs 5

At Night. . .the Watchmen

The Woman

I was sleeping but my heart was awake.
A sound! My lover is knocking:
“Open to me, my sister,
my darling, my dove, my perfect one,
because my head is soaked with dew,
my locks with the dampness of the night.”

“I have taken off my robe.
Why should I get dressed again?
I have washed my feet.
Why should I get them dirty again?”

My lover thrust his hand
through the opening in the door.
My feelings were aroused for him.
I arose to open for my lover.
My hands dripped with myrrh,
my fingers with flowing myrrh,
on the handles of the lock.
I opened for my lover,
but my lover had left.
He was gone.
My spirits sank when he left. [1]
I looked for him but did not find him.
I called him, but he did not answer.

The watchmen who patrol the city found me.
They beat me. They bruised me.
They took my shawl away from me,
    those watchmen of the walls!

Daughters of Jerusalem, you must swear to me—
if you find my lover—
what will you tell him?
—that I am sick with love.

The Friends

What makes your lover better than any other lover,
most beautiful of women?
What makes your lover better than any other lover,
that you make us swear in this way?

My Lover Is Radiant

The Woman

10 My lover is radiant and ruddy,
outstanding among ten thousand.
11 His head is the best gold, the purest gold.
His locks are wavy, black as a raven.
12 His eyes are like doves by streams of water.
They are washed in milk.
They are set in sockets.
13 His cheeks are like a bed of spice,
like towers of perfumes.
His lips are lilies, dripping with liquid myrrh.
14 His arms are rods of gold, set with topaz. [2]
His stomach is like polished ivory,
decorated with sapphires. [3]
15 His thighs are pillars of marble, [4]
set on bases of pure gold.
His appearance is like Lebanon,
choice as cedars.
16 His mouth is so sweet.
He is completely desirable.
This is my lover.
This is my friend, O daughters of Jerusalem.

The Friends

Song of Songs 6

Where has your lover gone,
most beautiful of women?
Where did your lover turn?
We will look for him with you.

I Am His. He Is Mine.

The Woman

My lover has gone down to his garden,
to the beds of spices,
to browse in the gardens,
and to gather lilies.

I am my lover’s, and my lover is mine.
He browses among the lilies.


  1. Song of Songs 5:6 Or when he spoke
  2. Song of Songs 5:14 The identification of this gem is uncertain.
  3. Song of Songs 5:14 Perhaps lapis lazuli
  4. Song of Songs 5:15 Or alabaster

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