Through My Bible Yr 02 – June 09

Psalms 74

Through My Bible – June 09

Psalms 74 (EHV)

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Psalm 74

The Destruction of the Temple


A maskil [1] by Asaph.

Introductory Plea

Why do you stay angry to the end, O God?
Why does your anger smoke against the flock in your pasture?
Remember your community that you purchased long ago,
the tribe that you redeemed to be your possession.
Remember Mount Zion where you dwell.
March toward the perpetual ruins.
March against all the evil done by the enemy in the sanctuary.

The Destruction

Your foes roared in the middle of your appointed place.
They set up their battle standards as signs.
They looked like men swinging axes in a thicket of trees.
Yes, they even chopped up all the carved paneling
    with their hatchets and hammers.
They delivered your sanctuary to the fire.
They defiled the dwelling place for your Name
    by throwing it to the ground.
They said in their hearts, “We will crush them completely!”
They burned all the appointed places of God in the land.


We do not see any signs to guide us.
There is no longer a prophet,
and none of us knows how long this will go on.
10 How long will the foe scoff, O God?
Will the enemy insult your name forever?
11 Why do you hold back your hand, even your right hand?
Take it out of your pocket [2] and finish them off!

God’s Past Goodness

12 But you, O God, are my king from long ago,
the one who works salvation right here on earth.
13 It was you who shattered the sea by your power.
You broke the heads of the great sea monsters.
14 It was you who crushed the heads of Leviathan. [3]
You gave him as food to the people who live in the desert.
15 It was you who opened up a spring and a seasonal stream.
You dried up the rivers that flow year-round.
16 The day belongs to you, and the night is also yours.
You set the moon and sun in place.
17 It was you who laid out all the boundaries of the earth.
Summer and winter—you shaped them.

Plea for Relief

18 Remember this—the enemy scoffs, Lord,
and a foolish people has insulted your name.
19 Do not surrender the life of your turtledove to a wild animal.
Do not forget the life of your afflicted ones forever.
20 Pay attention to the covenant,
because dens of violence fill the dark places in the land.
21 Do not let the oppressed turn back in disgrace.
Let the poor and needy praise your name.
22 Rise up, O God, and prosecute your case.
Remember how the fools mocked you all day long.
23 Do not forget the sound of your foes,
the uproar of those who rise against you, which goes up continually.


  1. Psalm 74:1 A maskil is perhaps a skillful psalm, a psalm for teaching, or a psalm which gives understanding.
  2. Psalm 74:11 Literally the folds of your garment
  3. Psalm 74:14 Leviathan is a sea monster with many heads. Here it seems to be a symbol of the power of the sea.

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