A review of God’s blessings in 2023

“Your gifts, God’s blessings: An annual report to our members” is now available. The 24-page report includes photos of Christian brothers and sisters around the world, stories of faith, and updates on WELS’ ministry.

“God blesses us every day in so many ways that it’s easy to take those blessings for granted,” says WELS President Rev. Mark Schroeder. “That’s true for us as individuals, and it’s also true for us as a synod. This annual report is intended to review some of the ways that God has blessed our work together during the past year.”

Some of those blessings include:

  • David, who is studying with the Pastoral Studies Institute and leads an online Bible study from his home, which has led to many East Asians around the world being baptized;
  • Colleen, who didn’t grow up in the church but whose life changed after she attended Intown, Atlanta, Ga., with her college roommate;and
  • the 61 teenagers who attended the WELS National Conference on Lutheran Leadership and participated in conversations with other WELS members about leadership, ministry, and outreach.

These stories and more are presented in the 2024 edition of “Your gifts, God’s blessings.” Print versions of the report are being sent to every WELS congregation and individual donor. Additional print versions are available from Northwestern Publishing House for free. Visit nph.net/wels or call 800-662-6022.

To view the report online, visit wels.net/annualreport. There you can also download a PowerPoint presentation of the report with notes that allow anyone to share the highlights of our synod’s work. Alternatively, churches can invite a WELS Christian giving counselor to give the presentation. Contact WELS Ministry of Christian Giving at 800-827-5482 for more information.

Looking for a simpler communication piece that provides an overview of WELS and its ministries? Consider the new two-sided flyer that was designed to be shared with visitors and prospects. It’s perfect for tract racks, narthex displays, and community fair booths. This flyer is available from Northwestern Publishing House at nph.net/wels or by calling 800-662-6022.



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