WELS EdTechLead Summit connects leaders across disciplines

Held in Wisconsin Dells, Wis., June 25-27, the WELS Education, Technology, and Leadership Conference (EdTechLead) brought more than 400 teachers, pastors, and other synod leaders together to explore ministry tools, techniques, and best practices.

The conference opened the morning of June 25 with worship and a formal welcome. Dr. Daniel W. Johnson, president of Wisconsin Lutheran College (WLC), Milwaukee, Wis., shared the first keynote message under the theme “Press On!”

“We’re all coming here with our own experiences and states of mind to reflect on our vocational callings and journeys,” Johnson said. “God does not need us. We simply get to serve.”

John McHugh, director of Corporate Communications, Leadership, Development, and Training at Kwik Trip, Inc., La Crosse, Wis., provided the morning keynote presentation—called “Purpose and Compassion at Work”—on June 26. He encouraged attendees to promote and participate in a mission-driven culture at their organization.

Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday featured dozens of workshops on numerous topics, including student motivation, teacher evaluation, school safety, website design, social media, data management, leadership health, organizational communication, gospel outreach, and more. Additionally, a special event called an IGNITE session allowed seven presenters to share quick, practical, and inspiring ideas for ministry.

“I think at times you can work within your little bubble, just teaching a certain subject or working at a certain school,” said Mr. Dan Albrecht, teacher at Kettle Moraine Lutheran High School, Jackson, Wis. “Here you can meet others in related fields. By learning from their experiences, you can implement what they’re doing. You can share your own stories as well.”

“I appreciate the fellowship,” added Mr. Jarred Beduze, vice principal at Northland Lutheran High School, Kronenwetter, Wis. “I appreciate knowing we all share that common goal of sharing Jesus with everyone we can.”

WELS EdTechLead was formed as a combination of the School Leadership Conference and the WELSTech Conference. It was created to be more sensitive to the time and funds of those who may have been interested in attending both conferences.

“It seemed that the thirst to learn and improve for the sake of the gospel was at the heart of everybody who was there,” said Mr. Martin Spriggs, WELS chief technology officer.

Visit welsedtechlead.com for more details about the events of the summit.



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