WELS Church Extension Fund offering limited-time special rates

To benefit WELS home missions and mission-minded congregations, WELS Church Extension Fund (WELS CEF) is offering special higher interest rates to new and existing investors for a limited time.

With $30 million in construction loans to churches currently in progress, WELS CEF is excited to offer these new interest rates to support those churches with their building projects and mission goals. With the ongoing need for funds, WELS CEF seeks to raise approximately $10 million in new money investments.

The interest rate bonus is available for both existing maturing and new investment certificates with two-year and longer maturities at the $25,000 mark. Doubling an existing investment to $25,000 and greater or simply making a new investment of $25,000 will provide the interest rate bonus. The opportunity to invest under these bonus terms ends as soon as WELS CEF reaches its new investment goal.

WELS CEF makes loans below or at market rates for new WELS mission churches that are building for the first time or established congregations with a new mission-focused initiative. WELS CEF funds these loans through WELS congregations’ and members’ investments in WELS CEF products.

Mr. Scott Page, executive director of WELS CEF, says, “WELS Church Extension Fund would like to thank all of our investors and provide an incentive to help us do more. These investments help WELS mission and self-supporting congregations build and expand their ministries. We are pleased to assist you in being good stewards of your gifts while also providing funding to help spread the gospel throughout the United States.”

Because of the uncertainty due to COVID-19, WELS CEF will be suspending new loan originations through July 31, 2020. The CEF Loan Committee will be monitoring this monthly, and the CEF Board of Directors reserves the right to extend or shorten the suspension of lending activities. This suspension in lending activity applies to new loan applications only and does not impact existing loans, loan commitments, or construction loans in process.

View rates online at wels.net/cef. New IRA investors should contact WELS CEF at 866-511-7793 for investment materials. Investors can also manage their accounts and investments online.



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