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Amazing blessings

God’s people of our synod provided faith-filled gifts in support of the mission we carry out together. Fiscal year 2021 ended with an incredible month of June. Total Congregation Mission Offerings (CMO) for the month was $1.82 million, which is 1.6% higher than June 2020. This was $191,000 more than the amount that congregations had committed.

On a calendar year-to-date basis through June 2021 (6 months), total CMO was $10.3 million, up 8.9% ($846,000) over the prior year and 7.2% ($697,000) over projected receipts.

On a fiscal year-to-date basis through June 2021 (full year of 12 months), total CMO is $22.59 million, up 5.4% ($1,160,000) over the prior year ($21.4 million for FY20). This is first time that fiscal year CMO exceeded $22 million, the largest fiscal year total for CMO in the synod’s history.

These results, a wonderful blessing from God, are encouraging news as we look to seize the many new opportunities that God is placing before us.

A sincere thank you to the members and congregations of our synod for your gifts of faith and love.

Serving with you in Christ,
WELS President Mark Schroeder


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Providing care through humanitarian aid grants

WELS Christian Aid and Relief announced it has approved $470,882 for humanitarian aid projects in WELS mission fields throughout the United States and worldwide for fiscal year 2021-22.

Projects are developed by WELS home and world missionaries, who continually look for opportunities to serve hurting people in their communities with ongoing basic needs, like food, clothing, shelter, and medical care. Rev. Daniel Sims, director of WELS Christian Aid and Relief, says, “When our missionaries can assist people in this way, it also helps to build trust and leads to many opportunities to then share the life-changing news of the gospel.”

The humanitarian aid granted through WELS Christian Aid and Relief takes many forms, including providing smokeless stoves to safely heat homes in Asia, medical clinics, assistance for legal immigrants, vocational training, and backpacks and school supplies for underprivileged kids.

One of the most recent aid projects was supporting the digging of five boreholes in Zambia to provide clean and safe drinking water. “Here in the United States, we take fresh drinking water for granted, but in Africa access to fresh, clean water is often severely limited,” says Sims. “These boreholes, which are often built near our churches, provide our missionaries a point of contact and an opportunity to talk to people about Jesus. The care and compassion shown by the gift of the borehole means that many are more willing to listen.”

Sims continues to be thankful for God’s blessings on these projects, which are supported through the generosity of God’s people. “Even though our ministry is not part of the synodical budget, we are able to carry out this vital ministry of compassion. God’s people, moved by his love, are generous.”

WELS members can support the work of WELS Christian Aid and Relief through prayers and offerings. In addition to humanitarian aid grants, the organization also provides disaster relief and medical financial emergency grants to people in need.

View a complete list of humanitarian aid projects supported by WELS Christian Aid and Relief through your offerings.


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