Statement on Supreme Court’s Same-Sex Marriage Ruling

We are saddened that today the United States Supreme Court issued a ruling requiring all 50 states to allow same sex marriage. In its ruling the Court took the position that the right of same sex couples to be legally married is a right guaranteed by the Constitution.

Of course, even though the highest court in the land has changed the legal definition of marriage, it has not succeeded in changing the essence of the institution that was created by God and given by him as gift and blessing.

At this time, we do not know what all of the ramifications of this ruling will be for our congregations and schools. We will need to be looking at these issues carefully in the coming weeks, identifying the potential threats to our freedom to teach and practice our faith in keeping with God’s Word, and providing advice and guidance to congregations as those threats become reality.

In the meantime, we pray:

Lord God, we are grieved that an institution of our government has taken an action which undermines the precious institution of marriage in our country. More important, it is an action which takes a wonderful gift that you created and distorts it into something you, the Giver, never intended. We pray today for our country, asking that you would have mercy on a nation that has once again ignored your Word and will. We pray for our churches and schools, asking that you would give them courage, wisdom, and strength to continue to hold true to your teachings. And we ask that you would bless all the members of our synod with a continuing commitment to hold fast to the truth that you have taught us, no matter what kinds of pressure or temptations this sinful world places on us.

Above all, help us to continue to use Law and Gospel, not to change society or laws, but to change hearts. Use our faithful witness to bring others to true repentance and to find perfect healing and forgiveness at the foot of our Savior’s cross.

As we live in these last days, Lord, we pray with believers of all time, “Come quickly, Lord Jesus!” Amen

You can read a statement about marriage recently sent to pastors to guide congregations as they address this new reality in our country.

WELS President Mark Schroeder