Pray for Uvalde, Texas

Lord Jesus, there is so much evil in this world. Once again, senseless violence has taken multiple lives – both children and adults. With heavy hearts, we your children come to you asking for your tender care to attend to the needs of so many. Comfort those families whose lives have been devastated and disrupted by death. Bring healing to the injured. Help those who are dealing with images they can never unsee. We thank you, Lord, for the brave public servants who rushed toward the danger, brought the carnage to an end, and cared for the injured. Above all, as we struggle with our questions and confusion, use this, dear Father, to draw us, your children, ever closer to you. We commit all who are suffering to your care, confident of your promises, assured of your presence, and surrounded by your love. Come quickly, Lord Jesus, in your power, in your grace, and in your mercy. Amen.