Offer from Church Mutual

WELS and a significant number of its affiliated organizations have entrusted the insurance coverage of its buildings, property, and people to Church Mutual for more than 40 years. This has also included providing innovative risk control technologies through a sensor technology program designed to alert customers to act before damages and disruptions to their ministries can occur. The program includes a CM Sensor® 24/7 Temperature and Water Alert System that provides notifications when it detects water or extreme temperature fluctuations in your building, added proactive support to an existing fire preparedness and prevention program with an ALARM ALERT™ Smoke Alarm Notification Service, and a PULL FOR POLICE™ Armed Intruder Emergency Service that includes a device that notifies local law enforcement of an armed intruder situation within seconds of being pulled. Church Mutual is working with WELS to promote this innovative technology, and customers can expect to receive a future communication directly from Church Mutual regarding its sensor program.

For more information on these Church Mutual programs, view this online brochure.



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