Women in the working world

You often refer readers to a WELS statement on the roles of men and women when asked questions about the role of women in the church. If I interpret that statement correctly, women in the working world should also not have men report to them. I was in a very responsible position during my working life and had numerous men report directly to me. I had direct authority over them. Is this statement suggesting that was wrong?

You will often find references to a WELS statement on the roles of men and women when questioners ask about “the WELS position” on men and women living in God’s world.

The statement is not suggesting that your actions were wrong. The statement addresses the challenges Christians face as they live in God’s kingdom of power and God’s kingdom of grace.

A valuable read for you would be a Bible study on “Male and Female He Created Them.” The section “Living as citizens of two kingdoms” beginning on page 28 would be especially helpful. It begins with these words: “Part of what may help us walk through many challenging situations in life is to grasp the biblical doctrine of the two kingdoms, or two realms, both of which are under the rule of our triune God. Sadly, this doctrine is rarely taught clearly (or at all) outside of Lutheran circles, and all too frequently it is not even taught or understood well by Lutherans. Failing to grasp what is meant by these two kingdoms can cause us confusion as we live our callings out in the world and can, in fact, unintentionally do harm to the cause of the gospel we long to further.” God’s blessings on your reading.