Living Waters Ministries

I recently ran across two gentlemen named Ray Comfort and Kirk Cameron who are affiliated with Living Waters Church. I have listened to several of their YouTube videos and they seem to present law and gospel properly but, being a skeptical Lutheran, I have my doubts about their presentations. I know that there are Christians in other churches other than the WELS, but I am looking for some clarity in my thinking and belief. What can you tell me about these men or their organization? Thank you for your consideration. Your brother in Christ.

Ray Comfort is the founder and CEO of Living Waters ministries. Kirk Cameron is an actor who joined Comfort’s ministry.

The Statement of Faith on Living Waters’ website contains some good statements about the Christian faith. Some of the statements though reflect Comfort’s previous affiliation with Calvary Chapel Fellowship. There are references to limited atonement, and there is a denial of the sacraments (they are called “sacred ordinances”).

Other literature on the website contains examples of decision theology and errors regarding the end times.

Your question underscores the scriptural directive to “test the spirts” (1 John 4:1).