Lighting of Paschal and altar candles

I think the Bible is quiet on this topic but what is the proper way/tradition for lighting the candles placed on the altar? Also, when should the Paschal candle be lit?

You are correct in noting that the Bible does not address this topic. That puts the matter in the area of Christian freedom. This freedom recognizes that there are commonly-agreed upon practices and also local customs concerning the lighting of altar candles.

I do not know the worship practices of your church (for example, traditional altar or freestanding altar; number of candles, etc.), but it is common to light altar candles for every worship service and also to light other candles for Holy Communion worship services.

When it comes to the lighting of the Paschal candle, again, I do not know the worship practices of your congregation. If your church offers the Triduum (a service encompassing three days), then the Paschal candle is usually lit at the Vigil of Easter. If there is no Triduum, the Paschal candle is usually lit at the first Easter Sunday worship service. Common practice is that the Paschal candle is lit throughout the Easter season and then removed at the Ascension worship service. It is used again at baptisms and funeral services.

We want our worship practices to be meaningful and sensible. Thinking of how you would explain the meaning and purpose of your congregation’s worship practices to fellow members and guests can be helpful in retaining or revising those practices.

The Altar Guild Manual by Lee Maxwell is a book that could benefit your altar guild.

I hope this gives you some help.