Judas and hell

In a recent sermon a pastor said "Judas is burning in hell." Judas did commit suicide, Jesus said it would have been better if his betrayer had not been born, and Acts 1:24 implies that Judas may be in hell. Can it be definitively said, from Scripture, that Judas is in hell? Thanks for this resource and your faithfulness in answering the questions for all these years!

There is no Bible passage that states explicitly: “Judas is in hell.” The wording of Acts 1:25 gives reason to believe that Judas died in impenitence and belief when it says that he left his ministry “to go where he belongs.” That is not the kind of wording one would associate with a person who died in saving faith. Also, there is more reason for concern when we keep in mind that “Satan entered Judas” (Luke 22:3) not long before Judas took his life.

— Thank you for your kind words. The Q & A work is a humbling privilege and opportunity to serve the Lord and people.