What is the difference between the ELDoNA and WELS?

ELDoNA stands for “Evangelical Lutheran Diocese of North America.” Information from ELDoNA’s website explains a difference in organizational structure from WELS: “A ‘diocese’ is simply an area of administration…Such an area of ‘administration’ is overseen by an ‘administrator,’ which we, following the received tradition of the Church throughout the ages, refer to as ‘Superintendent’ or ‘Bishop.’”

“Strictly-speaking, only clergy are members of the diocese; a congregation served by a pastor of our diocese remains ‘independent’ of any ecclesiastical structure, and is directly under the spiritual leadership of the pastor whom the Lord has called to serve in that place. We do require that a congregation which is served by a pastor of our diocese does not itself hold membership in a ‘synod’ which is not in fellowship with the ELDoNA.”

There are currently eighteen pastors who belong to the diocese.

Doctrinal differences between ELDoNA and WELS would be especially in the areas of justification, and church and ministry.