1 Timothy 2:12

I Timothy 2:12. What does this mean when it says women are not to teach? Explain, please!

The verse does not prohibit women from all teaching. The directive “not to teach” is in the context of the relationship between men and women. In keeping with biblical principles, women are able to teach other women and youth.

You may be interested in reading Male and Female in God’s World, a restatement of Scriptural Principles of Man and Woman Roles.

Below are some excerpts from that document.

“In the original language, Paul uses the term for learning as a disciple (in verse 11), and (in verse 12) he uses the term for the kind of formal teaching that Jesus often did with his disciples gathered around his feet. It helps us picture the kind of setting that Paul clearly has in mind with his application. He is picturing for us someone clearly functioning as Jesus did as an authoritative teacher with others clearly in the position of the learning disciples at his feet.

“When we understand the kind of formal teaching with authority that Paul’s words clearly have in mind in the context of 1 Timothy 2, that helps us understand that Christian women are not violating the principle when they take part in discussions in Bible class and also confess their faith whenever God gives the opportunity with both fellow believers and unbelievers. Those are royal priestly privileges that God has given to every Christian male and female, young and old, as Peter so eloquently testifies in 1 Peter 2:9 and Paul also testifies in Colossians 3:15,16.”