Support Services

Pictured above: WELS Christian Aid and Relief provided smokeless stoves in South Asia

Christian Aid and Relief

WELS Christian Aid and Relief approved $470,882 for humanitarian aid projects in WELS mission fields throughout the United States and worldwide for fiscal year 2021–22. 

Rev. Daniel Sims, director of WELS Christian Aid and Relief, says, “When our missionaries can assist people in this way, it also helps to build trust and leads to many opportunities to then share the life-changing news of the gospel.”

The humanitarian aid granted through WELS Christian Aid and Relief takes many forms, including providing smokeless stoves to safely heat homes in South Asia (pictured above), medical clinics, assistance for legal immigrants, vocational training, and backpacks and school supplies for underprivileged kids.

WELS Christian Aid and Relief also offers disaster relief, which takes the form of monetary aid and volunteer efforts. In December 2021, a crew of volunteers replaced roofs from two homes in New Orleans, La., that were damaged by Hurricane Ida. 

“I can’t thank God enough for the support and prayers for Crown of Life that poured in after the storm,” says Rev. Jonathan Kehl, pastor at Crown of Life. “The immediate support was so encouraging, as well as the long-term commitments to aiding our congregation and area in recovery. We were excited to see the crew of Christian Aid and Relief volunteers, who generously gave their time and vacations to show up in New Orleans.”

In 2021, WELS Christian Aid and Relief also offered a grant program to help congregations offer pandemic relief to their communities. 

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WELS Ministry of Christian Giving

WELS Christian giving counselors serve God’s people with the good news of Jesus and help them offer gifts for Christ’s work in their congregations, local ministries, and WELS areas of ministry. There is no charge for their confidential service. Christian giving counselor contacts are made through in-person and phone/Zoom meetings. By God’s grace and to his glory, over the past 14 years our Christian giving counselors have helped WELS members offer $93 million in immediate gifts and $419 million in deferred expectancies. We thank Jesus for his gift of generosity! Pictured is Rev. Michael Hatzung, a WELS Christian giving counselor since 2005.

To learn more or request help with a gift to your church, synod, or WELS-affiliated ministry, visit or call 800-827-5482.


WELS Technology

The WELS Technology team seeks to help the spread of the gospel with technology tools the Lord continues to make available in the 21st century. WELS Technology supports the synod’s gospel work by providing a capable and secure technical infrastructure, building and supporting applications used by synod workers and volunteers, facilitating digital communications, assisting congregations and called workers to better make use of technology, and coordinating technology initiatives that cannot be done at smaller organizational levels. 


WELS Communication Services

WELS Communication Services coordinates the various WELS communication platforms so they have a recognizable look and feel and layers communications across those platforms. Some of those platforms include, WELS’ official website; “Together,” a bi-weekly e-newsletter and a bi-weekly video update; Forward in Christ, WELS’ official monthly magazine; WELS Connection, a monthly video highlighting how Congregation Mission Offerings are used; and WELS’ social media sites. As new programs are developed or new communications created, WELS Communication Services helps establish the design, offers input on the content, and helps areas of ministry develop a communication strategy for the new ministry tool.