MLC Day 2023 is coming!

MLC Day 2023 is Wed., May 3. This day is set aside for Martin Luther College (MLC) students, faculty, and staff to connect with congregations, elementary schools, high schools, friends, families, and donors. This annual celebration is an opportunity for MLC and its supporters to do three things:

  1. Share the importance of ministerial education at MLC—especially since WELS has such a great need for pastors, staff ministers, and teachers.
  2. Encourage elementary school students, high school students, and second-career adults to consider preparing for the public ministry at MLC.
  3. Thank MLC’s donors for their support and ask everyone celebrating to help MLC students financially through the college’s Congregational Partner Grant Program.

Want to join in celebrating the blessings God has granted to MLC and its ministry? MLC has provided the following suggestions for prayerful consideration:

  • Use the first week in May to talk about ministerial education in Sunday schools, Bible classes, sermons, Lutheran elementary schools and high schools. For elementary schools, the Project Elijah classroom activities are designed for specific grade levels.
  • Share photos, videos, prayers, and messages of encouragement to the MLC Day Share
  • Consider contributing to the MLC Congregational Partner Grant Program. A generous donor is matching all donations up to $50,000 to help reach the $100,000 goal. Learn more at MLC Day Give
  • Follow the Martin Luther College Facebook , Instagram, YouTube pages through the month of April to view messages from the student body and learn about classroom video competitions!


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