Idalia update from WELS Christian Aid and Relief

WELS Christian Aid and Relief (CAR) has provided a brief update on Hurricane Idalia, which has been downgraded to a tropical storm. Rev. Dan Sims, director of CAR, says, “This was a powerful storm that had the potential to wreak havoc to all in its path, but our merciful God saw fit to minimize damage and loss. Based on communication with our pastors and other leaders, we are pleased to announce that, at this time, our churches and members are all okay.”

As CAR is a church-based disaster relief organization, it deploys volunteers and assistance to areas that have a WELS church, since the congregation serves as base for CAR to support and supply its volunteers. Thankfully, none of the communities where WELS has churches are in need at this time, and CAR will not be deploying volunteers to help with clean-up work.

Sims says, “If you are in need, or have a neighbor in need, please reach out to your pastor and make him aware of the situation. Your pastor will then get in touch with us. Please continue to remember in your prayers all those impacted by this storm as well as all those working hard to help people in need.”


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