The Lord’s Supper at home

During this time when we are all having to deal with COVID-19 and all that it has changed, I know of a congregation with on-line services that allows members to participate in the Lord's Supper while watching from home. This practice is somewhat troubling to me because I don't know if it is proper.

Almost a year ago, when in-person worship services were not possible, the following information appeared in a WELS Together newsletter: “We encourage our congregations at this time to reserve the distribution of the Lord’s Supper for its regular and normal use within the gathering of the body of believers (realizing that some changes in procedure may be made) or distributed privately by the pastor to individuals in need, as is the customary practice. We urge congregations to refrain from initiating novel approaches for celebration of the sacrament.”

A year later, as restrictions are being lifted, in-person reception of the Lord’s Supper in church is available. In addition, as they have in the past, our pastors are happy to offer the Lord’s Supper to individuals privately—in church or in their homes.