Scene from Revelation

In the video "I bowed on my knees and cried holy," what bright thing is Jesus holding in his right hand?

If I found the right video, Jesus is holding seven stars in his right hand. That imagery is from Revelation 1:12-20. The stars represent the messengers, the pastors, of the seven churches in Asia Minor that initially received the apostle John’s inspired writing.

That particular image of Jesus holding seven stars in his right hand is filled with comfort. To Christians in the first century who were facing persecution and who could have easily wondered if God was still in control of things, John relayed the picture of the Lord holding his messengers in his right hand. That picture said the Lord was supporting the messengers of his word, and they were safe and secure in his hands.

The overall picture of comfort from Revelation 1:12-20 is that the risen Lord walked among the seven churches of Asia Minor; those Christians were not alone. How wonderful that same truth applies to Christians today.