Planning for marriage

Hello! Planning for a wedding can be sometimes overwhelming and stressful. I am a very strong Christian and I believe that a marriage involves three people - God, husband, and wife. Having Christ at the center of your marriage keeps you strong in all circumstances. While planning a wedding, it can get crazy with remembering to get all the physical type things done and then we can tend to forget about the spiritual focus of a wedding. What would you recommend to make sure the spiritual focus of getting married isn’t lost when planning everything else for the wedding? Thank you!

I commend you for having such wonderful priorities when it comes to wedding planning. You recognize very well that wedding service and reception details are important, but a lifelong marriage is much more important.

Pre-marital counseling from your pastor can help maintain your spiritual priorities during the busyness of wedding planning. In addition, reading and discussing the Bible with the one you will marry can help keep your spiritual focus.

Besides Bible reading, you might consider the following books: Marriage and Family, Building the Christian Home, and Growing Together in Christ. All are available from Northwestern Publishing House.

God bless you and your future marriage!