Old Testament Sabbath day

If the Sabbath was instituted in the Garden of Eden, and precedes the Mosaic Law, why don't modern Christians observe the Sabbath? I get why we would be freed from the Mosaic ordinances of the Sabbath, but why don't we consider the day especially sanctified (more so than a Sunday or Monday) if the Sabbath precedes the Mosaic Law?

While Genesis 2:2-3 speaks of God resting on the seventh day after creating all things, that section of the Bible does not contain an instruction for any people to imitate God’s actions. The command for the people of Israel to observe the Sabbath day took place during the days of Moses (Exodus 20:8-11).

The context of the command does contain a reference to God resting from his work of creation, but it is a reference only. The command to observe the Sabbath day came about in Moses’ day.

As the command to observe the Sabbath day was part of the Old Testament ceremonial law, it is no longer binding on New Testament followers of the Lord (Colossians 2:16). God still desires that we gather together to worship him (Hebrews 10:25), but he has not specified a particular day of the week.