Laestadian Lutherans

What are the differences between the WELS and the Laestadian Lutherans?

Laestadian Lutherans trace their origins to northern Scandinavia. There have been many different groups who called themselves Laestadian Lutherans over the years, so a common description does not come easily.

I can point you to this general information from WELS and Other Lutherans: “Disciples of the Laestadian Movement are adherents of literal biblical interpretation. Great emphasis is placed on mankind’s inherent sinfulness. Conversion to the true faith is evoked by the confessing of sin before a congregation. This may then be followed by confession to one of the movement’s leaders who will grant forgiveness of sin by a laying on of hands. The Laestadians are stern, pietistic Lutherans with strict morals. They are usually extremely conservative in ethical and religious issues.”