Girlfriend and pregnancy

Recently my girlfriend and I found out we are pregnant before marriage. We took an at-home test but still have yet to go to the doctors to ensure the findings are correct. And obviously it was unexpected. And at our age and point in our relationship we’re unsure if this is what we want. Is it wrong to pray that our finding come up to be a false positive? We do not want to abort it but are unsure of if this is what we want right now.

Regarding prayer, I do not know if you and your girlfriend have gone to God in prayer, confessing your sins and seeking his forgiveness. The possibility of a pregnancy points to sexual activity outside marriage. God forbids that (Exodus 20:14; Ephesians 5:5; 1 Thessalonians 4:3-5). So, if you have not used prayer for confession of sins, I urge you to do that.

The Bible’s message is that God responds to a confession of sins from repentant, faith-filled hearts (1 John 1:9). Through the gospel in word and sacrament, God provides his message of the forgiveness of sins won by his Son, Jesus Christ.

A godly response to the message of forgiveness is using life God’s way. A good, proper course of action for you and your girlfriend is to refrain from sexual activity before marriage (Hebrews 13:4).

I am so glad to read that abortion is not an option, should there be a pregnancy. Adoption could be something for both of you to think about if there is a pregnancy.

When it comes to your prayers about this situation, you can be certain that God will hear your prayers and answer in the best possible way for all involved.  He knows what is best and will do what is best.

As it is with many questions that come my way, I can tell you that you would do well to speak to your pastor. He is in a position to hear words of confession and give you personally the message of forgiveness of sins. He could also address other questions you and your girlfriend might have. God bless you.