Through My Bible Yr 02 – November 27

Song of Songs 8:5-14

Through My Bible – November 27

Song of Songs 8:5-14 (EHV)

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Song of Songs 8

The Friends

5a Who is this woman coming up from the wilderness,
    leaning on her lover?

The Wealth of Our House

The Woman

5b Under the apple tree I roused you.
There your mother conceived you.
There she who gave birth to you was in labor.

Place me like a seal over your heart,
like a seal on your arm,
because love is as strong as death.
Its passion is as relentless as the grave.
Its flames are flames of fire, a mighty blaze. [1]
Many waters cannot quench such love.
Rivers cannot wash it away.
If a man were to offer all the wealth
of his house for love,
he would be utterly scorned.

The Brothers. . .Decorated With Silver

The Brothers

We have a little sister.
She has no breasts.
What shall we make for our sister
    on the day she is spoken for?
If she is a wall,
we will build towers of silver on her.
If she is a door,
we will enclose her with panels of cedar.

My Own Vineyard

The Woman

10 I am a wall, and my breasts are like towers.
Thus I have become in his eyes
    like one who delivers contentment.

11 Solomon had a vineyard in Baal Hamon.
He leased his vineyard to tenants.
Each was to bring for its fruit
    a thousand shekels of silver.
12 But my own vineyard is before me.
The thousand shekels are for you, Solomon,
and two hundred are for those who tend its fruit.

The Last Call to Love

The Man

13 You who dwell in the gardens
with friends in attendance,
let me hear your voice!

Run Away With Me

The Woman

14 Run away, my love,
and be like a gazelle,
or like a young buck
on the mountains of spices.


  1. Song of Songs 8:6 With alternate word division the text may be read the blaze of Yah. Yah is a short form of the divine name often written Yahweh.

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