WELS makes available to the users of its systems numerous ways to view and update their data. This page lists many of the tools available to you.

WELS Yearbook

Active and retired called worker’s basic information is published in the WELS Online Yearbook at yearbook.wels.net. Simply go to the “People” tab at the top and search for your record. See information (on this page) for My WELS Cloud to learn about options that determine what information is displayed, or how to correct your information.

My WELS Cloud

Active and retired called workers can review and request a change in the information contained in the synod database called WELSource. You can also print your biography, update education and professional growth records, as well as basic profile information that appears in the WELS Yearbook. Go to cloud.wels.net/me and login with your WELS Cloud username and password. To reset or change your password visit account.wels.net.

WELS Benefits Information

Information regarding participation in the WELS VEBA Group Health Care Plan and the WELS Pension Plan for current and former workers at WELS organizations, including their applicable dependents, is available on the WELS Benefits Service Center website at wels.bswift.com. The website is maintained by bswift, LLC, which is a third-party service provider for WELS. Login instructions are provided on the website’s home page, and assistance is available by e-mail to [email protected] or by calling 1-800-487-8322.

WELS Church Extension Fund

Investors with a WELS CEF certificate can track their investments, make one-time deposits and/or set up recurring deposits to their Savings Certificates with CEF Online Access.   A current WELS CEF investor can also open new investments and change address and personal information via CEF Online Access.  Contact our office at 1-866-511-7793 to receive your activation code which will allow you to set up your secure login.   WELS CEF Online Access is located at wels.net/cef

WELS Foundation

Donors who have a donor advised fund or charitable remainder trust with the WELS Foundation can access statements on-line. For login instructions, please call 414-256-3207.

Web Site Privacy Tools

WELS web sites provide privacy tools for you to request an export of your personal data if any is housed there. Simply click on the Privacy Tools link at the bottom of the web site and follow the directions on that page. Instructions ask you to enter your e-mail to initiate a data request.

WELS Online Donations

To access your WELS online donations transactions account information, visit community.wels.net/ and click the Login link located on the right sidebar. Once logged in, you can select My Profile to view and modify your personal information.  You can also click My Giving History to view your giving to WELS and its ministerial education schools this year and last.   Further information about the WELS donation site may be found on the FAQ page at community.wels.net/faq .