Christmas Day

God’s Communication to Us

These are the readings for Christmas Day.
(This Worship Help aligns with the lectionary readings from Christian Worship 1993 and Christian Worship: Supplement.)

God’s Word for This Week

Many people long for God to talk to them. How often we miss his message when we don’t listen to his Son, Jesus. Jesus is God’s communication to us today. Too many run after other “voices” that pretend to offer solutions to life. But those who carry the message of Jesus to others are highly honored and share the exciting reaction from those who are led to real peace.

First Lesson – Isaiah 52:7-10

What makes feet beautiful?

Feet become very beautiful when they are vehicles carrying the greatest message of all times to others—the gospel of Jesus.

What is that great message?

It is a message of the victory and peace that God has established for us. It is the message of good tidings of great joy announced by the angels at Christ’s birth. That birth indicates a greater proof that our God reigns over everything.

Second Lesson – Hebrews 1:1-9

How did God communicate to the world before Christ?

God spoke to the people of the Old Testament times through prophets who carried that message in different formats in differing situations.

Why is it so much greater that he speaks to us through Jesus today?

Jesus is the final word for us because, as God himself, he exactly and directly represents the mind of God to us. As the one who purified us with his life, death, and resurrection he speaks utmost concern for us. And as the one who rules over all things, he knows what great things he has in the future for us.

Gospel – John 1:1-14

What title is immediately given to Jesus and why?

Jesus is called the Word (“Logos” in Greek). He is the one who clearly communicates to us the mind and plans of God. Without Christ you cannot really know God. That “Word” has power seen at the creating of the world. It also made his presence felt when he “became flesh and made his dwelling among us.” (Do you constantly listen to him?)

What is the shame in this section?

Jesus, the Word of God, opens people’s eyes to see the love and eternal life that he came to give us. Unfortunately, many don’t recognize him and lose out on the right to be called God’s children and receive “one blessing after another.”

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