Jesus Pours Out His Holy Spirit

These are the readings for Pentecost.

God’s Word for This Week

Once God made people speak many languages because of their disobedience. When the Spirit came on the great day of Pentecost in Jerusalem, God filled people with the ability to speak languages to spread the amazing good news of Jesus’ resurrection.

First Lesson – Genesis 11:1-9

How was the world after the flood very different from the world today? (See 11:1.)

The world after the flood had only one language.

For what two sinful reasons did people decide to build a very tall tower? (See 11:4.)

The people decided to build a tall tower a) to make a name for themselves (in pride) and b) to keep themselves from being scattered far and wide (in stubborn disobedience of God’s command).

Why did God say, “Come, let us confuse their language?” (See 11:7.)

God said, “Let us confuse their language” because he is Three-in-One—Father, Son, and Holy Spirit—yet one God.

Second Lesson – Acts 2:1-21

What two dramatic signs came from heaven and showed the presence and power of the Holy Spirit? (See 2:2,3.)

The two signs were a) a sound of a rushing wind that came from heaven and filled the whole house, and b) tongues of fire that appeared on the heads of each in the house.

How do those signs display and fit the work of the Spirit?

Like the wind, the Holy Spirit works invisibly but powerfully. (In Greek and Hebrew, “wind” and “spirit” are the same word.) Like fire, the Holy Spirit warms and energizes us with the good news of all Jesus has done in our place.

Why did God promise to pour out his Spirit on all people? (See 2:17-21.)

God promised to pour out his Spirit on all people so that they would call on Jesus’ name and be saved.

Gospel – John 15:26,27

What name does Jesus first give the Holy Spirit? (See 15:26.) What does this name mean?

Jesus calls the Holy Spirit “the Counselor.” That name means he is the one who helps us by talking to us.

What second name does Jesus give the Holy Spirit? (See 15:26.) What does this name mean?

Secondly, Jesus calls the Holy Spirit “the Spirit of truth.” All he speaks is truth. God’s Word is total truth!

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