Easter Sunday

The Crucified One Has Risen

These are the readings for Easter Sunday.

God’s Word for This Week

Today is Easter. Easter is everything. If the Son of God had not come out of his borrowed tomb, Satan would have won, our faith would be worthless, and we would still be in our sin. But Jesus lives! To the Lamb who stands triumphant upon God’s throne, all heaven sings a new song.

First Lesson – Exodus 15:1-11

Why did Moses and the Israelites praise the Lord?

With a colossal miracle, God had just rescued them from the most powerful nation on earth. God had drowned all of Pharaoh’s army in the Sea of Reeds, hurling the foot soldiers, chariots, horses, and horse-riders into the sea.

Since Jesus has risen from the dead, what has he, the Lord, become for us? (See verses 2, 3,11.)

He has become our Strength, our Song, and our Salvation—he has rescued us from our guilt and our graves and given us eternal life through faith in his blood. Every day, he strengthens us by his Word and gives us reason to sing. He is also our Warrior against the forces of darkness. No one else compares. No one even comes close.

Second Lesson – 1 Corinthians 15:1-11

The good news that Jesus has risen is not just what Paul preached. What else is it?

The good news that Jesus has risen is what we have received deep in our hearts by the gift of the Holy Spirit. We have taken our stand on it.

What will happen if we stop trusting in Jesus and start trusting in ourselves?

If we do not hold to the gospel firmly to our dying day but end up trusting in ourselves instead of Jesus, our current faith in the Risen One will have been worthless. We will be damned, as we deserve.

How does Paul prove that Jesus really died?

Paul proves that Jesus really died by adding that Jesus was buried. Friends who couldn’t have been fooled laid Jesus in a tomb near the place where he was crucified.

How does Paul prove that Jesus really rose from the dead?

Paul gives many proofs that Jesus really rose from the dead: Jesus appeared to Peter on Easter Day and to all the apostles on Easter evening. Then he appeared to more than 500 Christians at the same time—no mass hypnosis—many of whom were still alive and could testify to seeing the Risen One. Then he appeared to his brother James and all the apostles again. Lastly, he appeared to Paul on his way to Damascus.

Gospel – Luke 24:1-12

What, besides the heavy stone, had the women who went to the tomb forgotten?

The women had forgotten that Jesus said he would rise on the third day.

Why didn’t the Eleven believe the women?

The Eleven didn’t believe the women because in their grief the women’s words seemed like nonsense to them.

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