Fourth Sunday of End Time—Christ the King

Jesus Rules as King Over All Things

These are the readings for the Fourth Sunday of End Time—Christ the King.

God’s Word for This Week

The eternal majesty of the King of kings shines forth in our readings for today. Jesus rules as King over all things. He deserves all glory, honor, and praise. He is the eternal King who will come again in glory to judge. He is the King who left his majestic throne; he was so humble that he gave his life for his subjects.

First Lesson – Daniel 7:13,14

Who is the “Ancient of Days” mentioned in verse 13?

The “Ancient of Days” is God the Father. The name “Ancient of Days” refers to the fact that he has existed from all eternity.

According to verse 14, what did Jesus receive?

Having humbled himself to pay for the sins of the world, God the Father exalted Jesus once again to his rightful position as King of kings. He received authority, glory, and power. He receives the praise and worship that is his alone. His kingship and almighty power will never end.

Second Lesson – Revelation 1:4b-8

According to verses five and six, what has Jesus our King done for us?

Our King has freed us from sin by his blood. He has made us citizens of his heavenly kingdom. He has made us priests who have the right to approach him and serve him. To him be glory and power forever and ever!

Verse seven tells us that our King is coming with the clouds and everyone will see him. What is he coming to do?

He is coming to judge the living and the dead. Those who rejected him and continue to reject him will see him. He will send them to their eternal punishment in hell. He will then take us, his faithful subjects to be with him forever in his heavenly kingdom.

What does it mean that Jesus our King is the “Alpha and the Omega”?

The letters Alpha and Omega are the first and last letters of the Greek alphabet. Jesus, our King, is the beginning and the end. He is eternal.

Gospel – John 18:33-37

How is Jesus different from the kings of this world?

His kingdom is not of this world. Jesus is the king and ruler of all things in this world and the next. His kingdom will have no end. Geographical borders do not bind his subjects. Those on the side of truth, i.e., those that believe in Jesus are citizens of his kingdom. Jesus, our King, offered the ultimate sacrifice by dying on the cross in order to win for us salvation. As our King he offered his life in humble service.

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