The widow’s gift

Dear Friend,

She was in her 90s, used a walker, and lived in a small house miles from anyone else—alone, having lost her husband and son.

She listened intently as I shared the story of Michigan Lutheran Seminary’s (MLS) Tomorrow’s Ministry Begins Here campaign. She said she’d love to help—it is so important to have pastors and teachers.

It was as if the widow of Jesus’ time was sitting in front of me. She gave no thought to her circumstances but spoke of how wonderful the Lord was to her and about her passion for Jesus and the ministry that would spread his name. And she gladly gave her all to him.

It has been amazing and humbling to have similar experiences on other visits with God’s people.

So far $125,000 has been given to the campaign. This is a huge blessing! We are praying that the Lord continues to move hearts to provide the $500,000 that would help MLS accomplish its three-fold goal of providing financial aid, maintaining and improving facilities, and boosting our reserve fund. Would you make a year-end gift in support of MLS?

The Lord will do great things in his kingdom through these gifts and the loving hearts of those who give them.

In Christ,
Joel Petermann
President, Michigan Lutheran Seminary