Why an endowment fund?

An endowment fund is a donor restricted gift that is not spent immediately but is invested. Endowments annually distribute a portion of the invested funds to provide ongoing, predictable financial support for our Savior’s ministry.

Giving through an endowment fund provides the following benefits:

  • An endowment provides a framework for receiving cash gifts, appreciated property (stocks or real estate), and other planned gifts, such as through a will, trust, beneficiary designation on a retirement account, or insurance proceeds.
  • An individual can use an endowment to continue his or her charitable gifts even after being taken to heaven.
  • An endowment provides additional funding for current operations as well as money for future and expanded efforts.
  • An endowment is an ongoing witness of Christ’s love that compelled you to make a current or estate gift (will, etc.) to glorify God and share his love with others.

A donor or group of donors can work with WELS Foundation to establish an endowment fund. WELS Foundation provides a full-service endowment program including promotional material, endowment statements, investment management, and annual distributions.

Learn more about supporting gospel through an endowment fund. For free assistance, contact your local WELS Christian giving counselor.