What in the world is God up to now?

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

The East Asia missions team continues to teach, train, and share God’s Word, even during the COVID-19 pandemic. I teach East Asian Christians how to lead a Bible study. When I’ve asked them to share their reason for attending the class, here is what they’ve said:

“My wife brought to me to faith by bringing me to the church. I knew God, but I had a lot of confusion. So, when our group found Asia Lutheran Seminary, we found clarity in the teaching. I could see it was from God’s Word. I didn’t only want to know it for myself. I wanted to help start a new group. Asia Lutheran Seminary teaches me what I need to know so that I can start a new group of Christians and lead them.”

“I have this fear that I’ll teach the wrong thing about God’s Word and that I won’t know the answer to a question a student will ask. This class can show me what to do so that I can lead Bible studies with confidence.”

“I want to give our leader a break. He does all the preaching and teaching. If I can learn from Asia Lutheran Seminary, I can let him rest and can help lead.”

It’s amazing how I always learn from my students. Their hearts are on fire for the gospel, but they face fears that many of us have: “I want to help, but I don’t know how.” After they’ve been taught God’s truths locally, they learn how to serve.

It is through efforts like these that the East Asia team continues to build up and encourage more individuals with solid, scriptural training. Some of those equipped to serve their church will go on for further training to become pastors, but—like in the United States—we also need strong and eager lay leaders. It’s a part of the bigger plan. It wouldn’t work if everyone became a pastor. We are confident these members will continue to share the good news of Jesus with hearts on fire.

As we carry out this ministry, we are so grateful for the prayers and offerings of WELS members like YOU. Please help us continue this important work with a special gift supporting Christ’s work in East Asia and beyond. Please also watch for a mailing in coming weeks that shares the details of our WELS mission work in East Asia!

Serving Jesus together,
East Asia Missionary

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