WELS VEBA offering full open enrollment

WELS Benefit Plans will offer a full open enrollment into the WELS VEBA Group Health Care Plan from Nov. 1 through Dec. 2, 2019. This means any eligible workers at WELS and Evangelical Lutheran Synod (ELS) sponsoring organizations, including organizations that do not currently participate in WELS VEBA, can enroll for WELS VEBA medical benefits effective Jan. 1, 2020. Workers who are currently enrolled will also be able to add or remove eligible family members and/or change to a different deductible option during this open enrollment.

This year, the annual rate increase is only two percent, significantly lower than projected. This type of rate stability is possible because the cost of health care is shared across all participating sponsoring organizations. Grouping together all covered workers under one plan allows WELS VEBA premium costs to be as low as reasonably possible and stable over time.

“If an organization or worker has wanted to return to the VEBA plan or to participate in the VEBA plan for the first time, this will likely be the best opportunity for the foreseeable future,” says Mr. Joshua Peterman, director of WELS Benefit Plans.

He continues, “WELS VEBA is purposefully designed for workers serving at WELS and ELS ministries. As a plan sponsored by a religious organization, WELS VEBA is uniquely consistent with both God’s Word and the law.”

A full open enrollment is not guaranteed to be offered every year. Eligible workers will receive a packet of enrollment materials in late October. Currently, more than 80 percent of WELS calling bodies participate in the WELS VEBA plan. Learn more about WELS Benefit Plans and how to participate at welsbpo.net.



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