WELS Foundation makes distributions

WELS Foundation announced it has distributed $2.7 million from more than 300 endowments through its endowment program. WELS Ministerial Education Schools received $1.84 million, and WELS Missions received $480,000 . The remainder was distributed to congregations, schools, or other ministry organizations that benefit from donor-designated endowments.

Rev. Paul Prange, Board of Ministerial Education administrator, says, “The annual endowment distributions are clearly very valuable for our work of ministerial education. They are used almost entirely for need-based student financial assistance and for larger maintenance projects on our campuses. The Lord continues to provide for our needs through his generous people.”

One of the ways WELS World Missions uses the funding from endowment distributions is to send members of the Global Hmong Committee and the Pastoral Studies Institute to train leaders of the Hmong Fellowship Church (HFC) in Vietnam. HFC church leaders explain, “We have the opportunity to learn law and gospel through WELS training. This has strengthened the faith of the leaders and members and has moved the church in a new direction. It has stabilized the HFC from the law tradition of the former way the church did work. We used to think that the law would save us. Now we know we are saved by grace.”

WELS Foundation manages endowment funds established by individuals, congregations, or other WELS organizations for the benefit of Christ’s work through WELS congregations and areas of ministry. An endowment is a donor restricted gift that is invested in perpetuity in a diversified portfolio of stocks and bonds. Annual distributions from the endowment investment returns provide a source of ongoing financial support for WELS ministries, a way for members to provide a lasting legacy of their Christian faith that supports ministry. Once an endowment is established, additional gifts can be added over time to increase the fund and future distributions.

To learn more about WELS Foundation, visit wels.net/foundation. To learn more about adding to an existing endowment or setting up an endowment for a ministry close to your heart, contact your local Christian giving counselor at wels.net/giving-counselors.



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