New WELS catechism and personal Bible study

You may not be aware that our synod, as a part of our celebration of the 500th anniversary of the Lutheran Reformation, has recently produced a revision of Martin Luther’s Small Catechism. The revision is not a revision of the chief parts of the catechism or Luther’s familiar answers to the question, “What does this mean?” What have been revised are the detailed questions and answers that expand on what Luther wrote.

Luther often encouraged faithful Christians to study and review the catechism as a part of their daily devotional lives. With that in mind, the newly revised WELS catechism is formatted in such a way to encourage our members to use the catechism on a daily basis, long after they have been confirmed. As in the previous version of the catechism, Scripture passages are included to provide the clear biblical basis for the doctrines we believe, and a continuing review of those teachings is always helpful in strengthening faith and increasing our knowledge of what the Bible teaches.

But in addition to those passages, the new catechism has been designed to flow for a more natural read. Each section begins with an introduction and transitional thoughts and concludes with a “Connections” section that provides application and could also serve as the basis for personal or family devotions. The new catechism provides additional guidance through Bible history narratives. It also features illustrations, thought questions, and applications of biblical truths in a way that makes it a practical and easy-to-use tool for continuing study of God’s Word.

The catechism is not just for kids. Consider getting a copy for your own devotional use. Copies are available for purchase from Northwestern Publishing House at

Serving in Christ,
President Mark Schroeder