Visualize endowment

Before the summer months arrive, outdoor enthusiasts will sometimes end their correspondence with “Think Sun” or, perhaps, “Visualize the Sun.” Sometimes they even sport bumper stickers with the same message. The idea is to put people into a mood of expectation, and they will begin to plan for the future accordingly.

We also like to think expectantly, but instead of sun, we “Think Endow.” We relish the thought of building up our WELS endowment funds or helping donors, churches, and other WELS organizations start new ones to build a solid financial base for future ministry.

Here are five words to help you also “Think Endow.” Each one begins with a letter from “Endow.”

The “E” stands for Enduring. This is one of the key features of these funds—they last for generations. The monies are kept separate from other funds and invested in a manner to create both growth as well as funds for annual distributions. Endowments form an enduring, dependable source of revenue that provides reliability and confidence.

“N” refers to Need. While WELS benefits from regular annual giving to meet operational expenses, we also want to increase our endowment pool to effectively face future uncertainties and opportunities. The more income provided through endowments, the more support we have for fulfilling our Christian mission far into the future.

“D” means Doable. Some shy away from endowments because they consider themselves financially incapable of creating one. And some steer clear because it all seems so complicated. Both concerns are unwarranted. Actually, most anyone can give to an existing endowment or create a new one through careful planning. A gift to an endowment can be made today or through a distribution from your estate when the Lord calls you home. Doing so is easier than people expect.

“O” stands for Ovation. Because endowments play an important role in supporting ministry, we can’t express enough how appreciative we are to the Lord and to those who establish or add to one of these funds. Surely future generations would also applaud as they benefit from endowments established today.

The “W” refers to Witness. Every existing or new endowment supports our witness of Christ to the world. An endowment also bears witness to the persons behind the endowment as those who believe in the Christian mission of our church body. Such testimony has an impact on others, and encourages support for WELS.

Are you beginning to “Think Endow?” If so, we can provide you with free information about supporting WELS ministry through an existing endowment or by creating a new donor designated or congregational/organizational endowment through WELS Foundation.

Call us at 800-827-5482 for a free brochure or to be put in touch with your local WELS Christian Giving Counselor who can help you with the details.