Verizon Wireless

Verizon Wireless offers exclusive savings for Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod organizations. This means you’ll get access to a reliable wireless network, plus great deals on calling plans and the latest phones and accessories.

To be eligible for the discounts provided by Verizon Wireless you need to meet the following criteria: Currently employed at a WELS congregation, school, affiliate, or entity.


  • Save up to 22% off your Verizon Wireless monthly access fees.
  • 2-year line term on eligible calling plans $34.99 or higher required.
  • Get 25% off eligible Verizon Wireless accessories.
  • Waived activation fee on a 2-year agreement.

Learn more about the Verizon Plan

Jason Lindauer, Senior Manager of Accounts
Mobile Phone: 262-227-1010


New Verizon Wireless customers

New Verizon customers that would like to get more information about Verizon Wireless or place an order please contact Jason Lindauer, Senior Manager of Accounts, by e-mail or call 262-227-1010.

Please Note: Verizon Wireless stores will not have the WELS information on discounts or be able to waive the activation fee. Please contact WELS’ Verizon Wireless account executive for additional information on products, pricing, and services.

Existing Verizon customers

Existing Verizon customers wishing to take advantage of the WELS discount may follow these instructions. The signup page mentioned in the instructions can be found here: Verizon discount page.

Employment validation

For those needing to validate employment, here are the instructions (PDF) to help with your validation process if you received a post card from Verizon Wireless regarding eligibility for benefits. The signup page mentioned in the instructions can be found here: Verizon discount page.


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